Easter Eggs Vegan Marshmallow Treats !!

If the Easter bunny was laying an egg would it be colorful ?.  If only bunny laid eggs  .....That's what imagination does,opens doors to fun ideas. This Easter treat is so much fun to put together. Rice crispy treats are a favorite in my house, easy to put together and a fun way to get kids in the kitchen.

One of my friends made this with non vegan marshmallows and sugar syrup, she got the idea from Ree drumand so we had to try make a vegan version of it . Vegan Marshmallows are made without any gelatin and they can be replaced in any recipe that calls for traditional marshmallow , I love the dandies brand . These treats are also Gluten Free. 

  Try making these with your kids this Easter weekend, they would love the process as well as the result  !!



  1/5 stick of earth balance unsalted butter 
1 pacakage mimi marshmallows ( 10 ounces )
6 cups crispy rice cereal
 12 candy treats to hide inside the egg 
Sprinkles in fun easter colors 
 Coconut oil spray 

 12 Plastic easter eggs .


1. Spray the inside of the plastic easter eggs with the spray and use a brush to spread it evenly. Keep a light hand on the spray so you don't taste the oil when you take the first bite out of these yummy eggs .

2. Melt the vegan butter in a large pan over medium heat .

3. Add the marshmallows and stir them around until the mixture melts .Keep the heat to low medium .

4. Turn the heat off and add the rice crispy cereal. Mixing as you add cup by cup.

5. The cereal should be evenly coated with Marshmallows .

6. Take the plastic egg that has been sprayed and fill the bottom half wiht the cereal mixture .

7. Put the candy treat , we used vegan jelly treats into the center of the egg and press it down gently .

8. Fill the other half of the egg with more cereal and then press the two halves together and hold for ten seconds 

9. Remove the eggs from the plastic mold and roll them in a plate with sprinkles and serve. Ours get eaten right away !!

10 . Enjoy, Happy easter !!

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