Stuffed Baby Eggplants ( bharwa baigan )

Stuffed  Baby Eggplant with Indian spices and stir fried with tomato gravy !

During fall and summers we often make this stuffed vegetables which easily stays well for 2-3 days ,though we can make many variety of stuffed vegetables but baby eggplants are so popular that we have numerous variation of making them .Every region in India has there own favorite way of making them.

I make it regularly and everyone enjoyes it but its definately on the menu when my sister visits . It's one of her favorites . Baby eggplant is  generally available in Asian grocery stores , but if that's not avaibale  you can also use japanese thin and long eggplants and slice it in the center.  Then cut it into 2 or 3 pieces and then stuff them with the masala and cook just like this one . 

Though there are few popular variation of making Stuffed  Baby Eggplants, in  southern part of India ,tamarind and coconut is used to make eggplant and in Maharashtra and Gujarat they use peanuts,gram flour for stuffing.  I usually make this simple and delicious version of Stuffed  Baby Eggplants . Traditionally mustard oil is used in the recipe but it does have a strong smell and my kids don't prefer it too much .

I have used fresh coriander with the dry spices but you can also use fresh fenugreek leaves (methi) instead. 

I love making stuffed eggplants but it does takes some time to stuff the brinjals and then cooking them in a pan but its worth the wait .

  You can make this recipe in the instant pot too , follow the instrucions just as for saute function but then close the lid and pressure cook for 5 min .

 This goes really well with rice , naan and parathas . Enjoy !!


15 Baby Eggplant 

1/2 cup Fresh  Cilantro (chopped finely )

2 tbsp Mango Powder (Amchoor Powder )

2 tbsp Red Chilli powder
 6 tbsp Coriander Powder 
 1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder
1.5 tbsp Fennel Seeds
 2 tbsp Oil 
1/4  tsp Asafoetida 
1/2 tsp Cumin Seeds 

 1 tea spoon salt 

  For the gravy /tempering 

4 tbsp  Oil

1/2 tsp Cumin Seeds 
 1/2 tsp Mustard Seeds 
1 tsp Ginger
10 Curry Leaves

 3-4 small Tomatoes ( pureed )

  Salt  to taste 
pinch Garam masala


1 - Wash brinjals and wipe them with a cloth.

2 - The brinjal stalks should be green and fresh, don't remove them .

3 - With a sharp knife make 2 or 4 slits in the brinjals , be careful not to cut all the way through .

4 - In the microwave warm the oil just for 30 seconds .


5 - In a bowl add mango powder,salt,turmeric, coriander powder, chili powder, crushed fennel , salt  and asafoetida

6 - Add 2 tbsp warm oil in the spices and mix, now add chopped fresh coriander and mix properly.

7 - Stuff the brinjals with this prepared stuffing spice mix.

8 - Add  mustard seeds ,cumin seeds in the oil and when seeds start crackling add pinch of turmeric  and the  tomato puree, curry leaves , ginger and salt .

9 - Add the stuffed brinjals in the pan

10 - Sprinkle any remainig stuffing masala over the brinjals the garam masala and salt to taste .

11 - Cover the pan with a lid and cook on low heat .

12 - Gently stir and turn the brinjals 2-3 times and cook for about 10-12 minutes , till done ( soft byt still hoding shape )
Serve with roti, poori or daal-rice combo.

13 - Enjoy !!

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