Mung Dal Pea Protein Vegetable Burger

       My kids are very involved in the kitchen these days, as we are home more now than ever because of the virus. I am really enjoying their interest in a plant-based diet and their active participation in coming up with recipes. They are always trying to find new ways to add protein to regular recipes. Like mad scientists, we are experimenting with new flavors every day. This burger is a delicious result of one such experiment. This burger packs 12-15 grams of protein and does so without compromising a satisfying belly. 
   This burger is packed with the goodness of kale, peas, carrots, and mung dal; I add the pea protein (rich in protein in fiber) to aid in binding the burger.
    The burger is 100% vegan and gluten-free and won't fall apart on the grill. My kids like it with sesame buns f Dave's Killer Bread), but you can replace it with lettuce if looking for a low-calorie option. I make it in the instant pot for convenience, but you can also boil all the ingredients in the deep pan and follow the rest of the instructions to finish the burger.
    Nutritious, plant-based, and deliciously satisfying this burger is a must-try meal!




  1 frozen bag of Green Peas and Carrots

2 small potatoes 

1 bag of frozen kale or spinach

2 cups mung dal ( washed and clean )

1 tsp Chilli Powder

3 tsp  salt

1/2  cup pea protein powder 

1/2 tsp shredded ginger or dry ginger powder.





1. Wash the mung dal a few times till the water runs clear.

2. Drain all the water from the dal. Set aside.

3. Wash and peel the potatoes, then cube them. 

4. Add the mung dal, frozen peas and carrots, frozen kale, and potatoes in an instant pot or a deep pan. Add one cup of water and steam it for 5 minutes. (IF not using the instant pot ) then follow the same in a pan on medium heat, add the ingredients, and steam /cook for 10- 15 min until potato is soft.

5. Wait for the pressure to release if using the instant pot and drain any extra liquid. Let the mixture cool. Same with the pan version, drain any excess liquid.

6. Once cool, take a fork and mash everything.

7. Add the pea protein, salt, ginger, and chilly powder. Taste it to see if you need to add more salt or chilly powder to your taste.

8. Take a golf ball size amount, shape them in a burger, and place them on a cookie sheet with wax paper or aluminum foil. You will make 12-14 depending on the size you choose.

9. Turn the oven on at 325 and bake for 30 min. 

10. The burgers are done and ready to be served with your favorite bun and fixings of your choice!! Enjoy!!

They freeze well; I make them ahead and freeze them to always be ready for a quick meal.

For serving::

burger buns of choice

lettuce, arugula, spinach, or other leafy greens

tomato slices

red onion slices

vegan mayo, hot sauce, mustard, ketchup, pickles

vegan cheese slices

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