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Rajasthani Pitor Sabji – Chickpea Flour Tofu Curry – Burmese Tofu Curry

August 21st, 2019|

 Recently my friend asked me if I knew what was chickpea flour tofu and the name reminded me of a traditional Rajasthani dish called Pitor Ki Sabzi . It is a traditional Rajasthani curry of shallow fried chickpea dumplings in spicy yogurt gravy which is now known in the vegan circles as Burmese tofu !!

Stir Fry Okra – Bhindi Tamatar Sabji

March 30th, 2019|

Okra stir fry !! One-off my favorite vegetables , I have fond memories of my mom’s bhindi sabji ( okra ) . She used to make it for us to take it to school for lunch . Okra wrapped in a simple wheat paratha .... it takes me back to wonderful lunches at school !!Wonderful memories ❤️❤️. Cook the tomato and okra separately and then mix it together for this beautiful dish

  • Potato Kale and Spinach curry!!

    Potato Kale and Spinach curry!!

    This curry recipe  is vegan gluten free and healthy ,mildly spiced so that flavors of spinach and kale and potato shine through .By using frozen greens its a great way to eat the greens in any season!!  
  • Mung Dal  and Pea Protein Vegetable Burger

    Mung Dal and Pea Protein Vegetable Burger

    Protein burger
  • Thai Red Curry

    Thai Red Curry

     Today for lunch we were craving thai curry so decided to play with the recipe and added a lot more veggies including spinach . Made the dish with lite coconut milk to make it less in calories . Now this will be a staple curry in our house!!

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