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Chickpea Flour Tofu Curry – Burmese Tofu Curry

August 21st, 2019|

 Recently my friend asked me if I knew what chickpea flour tofu was, and the name reminded me of a traditional Rajasthani dish called Pitor Ki Sabzi . It is a conventional Rajasthani curry of shallow fried chickpea dumplings in spicy yogurt gravy, which in the vegan world is known as Burmese tofu !!

Stir Fry Okra – Bhindi Tamatar Sabji

March 30th, 2019|

Okra stir fry !! One-off my favorite vegetables , I have fond memories of my mom’s bhindi sabji ( okra ) . She used to make it for us to take it to school for lunch . Okra wrapped in a simple wheat paratha .... it takes me back to wonderful lunches at school !!Wonderful memories ❤️❤️. Cook the tomato and okra separately and then mix it together for this beautiful dish

  • Kachori- Gluten free and vegan -Moong Dal

    Kachori- Gluten free and vegan -Moong Dal

    Moong Daal Kachori, those delectable fried flaky puff pastries generously filled with a paste of moong dal and an aromatic blend of spices, holds a special place in my heart. This snack is not just […]
  • Mung Dal  and Pea Protein Vegetable Burger

    Mung Dal and Pea Protein Vegetable Burger

    Protein burger
  • Thai Red Curry

    Thai Red Curry

     Today for lunch we were craving thai curry so decided to play with the recipe and added a lot more veggies including spinach . Made the dish with lite coconut milk to make it less in calories . Now this will be a staple curry in our house!!

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  • Neha's Vegan Kitchen on Vegan Kadhi: “Hello there! I include lemon when the vegan curd isn’t tangy enough—adding it to the blender when mixing works best.…Nov 9, 01:43
  • NJ on Vegan Kadhi: “When is lemon to be added in the kadhi? And the picture shows sesame and nigella seeds – are those…Sep 19, 14:32
  • Payal Chatterjee on Chickpea Flour Tofu Curry – Burmese Tofu Curry: “I tried this recipe, but substituted cashews with peanuts, worked pretty well! It was yummy, will surely make it again…Aug 12, 01:17